November 1, 2014

Bridal Old Hollywood Glamour

Recently I sent out Caroline Rogers to preview the Fall 2014 WHITE by Vera Wang collection, exclusively at David's Bridal. I was excited to see what she had to say, I am a huge fan of treasure hunting and finding luxe for less.

Thank you Caroline, please visit her website at - Sandy

I'll never forget this day, I woke up so excited to get dressed up and go into the city for the preview of the Fall 2014 WHITE by Vera Wang collection, exclusively at David's Bridal. It was a gorgeous sunny day and thankfully I was able to get a cab quickly (which made it the perfect start to the day). Vera Wang's showroom was beautiful and I felt as if I walked into wedding gown heaven. It was such an honor to be there after years of dreaming about my wedding with my sister and friends and looking at Vera's previous collections. I was also excited about going because I recently found out I am going to be the maid of honor in my cousins wedding. The showroom was full of wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and accessories that will be exclusive to David's Bridal. The dresses are sophisticated, modern, feminine and of course stylish. This collection showcased eight new bridal gowns, four new bridesmaid dresses and exquisite accessories to complement any of these dresses.

The public relations department and designer Robert Barnowske gave us a tour around the showroom and discussed all the details about each dress, accessory and their price point. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this collection ranged in price from $728-$1,898 and will be exclusive to David's Bridal. The color palette for this collection included Ivory, Charcoal, Blush, Oyster, and Champagne.

Strapless ball gown with an empire waist, metallic embroidery and organza laser cut floral

My favorite gown (shown above) was a strapless ball gown with an empire waist, metallic embroidery and organza laser cut floral. This dress just screamed princess to me and I am such a huge fan of small details in prints. My second favorite dress (shown below) was the strapless asymmetrically draped crinkle chiffon gown with a jeweled vine embroidery at the waist. This is definitely a more modern looking dress and of course I love the bling.

Strapless asymmetrically draped crinkle chiffon gown with a jeweled vine embroidery at the waist

 After the bridal gowns were the bridesmaids dresses. All the bridesmaids dresses are under $200 and included short and long contemporary designs. The bridesmaids dress that first caught my eye was the v-neck satin gown shown above, with wrap front bodice and contrast back draped tie-straps. I have never seen a bridesmaids dress that was designed like this and I fell in love with the back design. The color was another thing that caught my eye, it is the newest color to the collection called forest. The next bridesmaids dress that I loved (shown below) was the high-low belted strapless dress with pleated front charmeuse panels, contrast crepe side with back panels. I love how simple yet elegant this dress is. I think my sister's love for high-low dresses has finally rubbed off on me.

High-low belted strapless dress with pleated front charmeuse panels, contrast crepe side with back panels

V-Neck satin gown with wrap front bodice and contrast back draped tie-straps

After viewing the gowns we went on to see the accessories. Can we just take a moment to look at those gorgeous shoes..especially the ones with the bows. All the accessories are priced at $178 and under which was also exciting. There were shoes, barrettes, sashes, belts and a beautiful headpiece.

This was an incredible experience and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend. Thank you Sandy Hapoienu! I learned a lot that day and can't wait for my next assignment!  

 "My collection was inspired by elegance and glamour, a style that every bride deserves on her special day, I am excited to continue providing a range of refined, modern and romantic designs to women everywhere through the WHITE by Vera Wang collection." Vera Wang

October 27, 2014

Coat Covet

Who says you can't look fabulous while still staying warm? Many people start exchanging looking good for staying warm once the cooler months roll in, but now you don't have to!

Shop the look:

October 23, 2014

Sweater Weather

Sweater weather is finally here! It is time to break out those cardigans again. Heavy wools and deep colors are always on trend for the Fall season. Tip, try out the newest trend by wearing these sweaters with a pencil skirt for a new look! 

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October 13, 2014

Search and Destroy: How To Declutter Your Closet

Your closet is one of your first stops in the morning and may determine your mood for the rest of the day. Does your closet make you feel overwhelmed? Are you having trouble finding clothing in your closet? Do you feel like you don't have anything to wear but you have a closet filled to the brim? Do you have a sentimental attachment to your clothes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should get started immediately. The beginning of each day will start with confidence rather then frustration. 

Step 1
Allow 2-5 hours. Enlist the help of a friend ONLY if she will actually help motivate, and not be a distraction. Otherwise music is another good option for motivation.

Step 2
Review your wardrobe. If you have not worn clothes for 2 years there is probably a reason. Ask yourself if this item was in a store right now would you buy it. Here is some criteria you should consider. It will help make the evaluation period quicker.

Criteria for eliminating clothes from closet:
a. Doesn't fit
b. Sentimental or evokes memories
c. Piled, stained, faded or ripped
d. You hate the way you look in it
e. No longer your style

Step 3
Have your tools accessible.

Tools needed:
-2 large garbage bags
-masking tape
-fashion magazines
-optional rolling rack
-storage bins, containers, etc. for accessories 

Storage is dedicated for different categories of accessories i.e scarves, shoes, handags, belts, jewelry-necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Step 4
Remove all the clothes from your closet. Label 2 large trash bags. One label Trash (clothes that are ripped, stained, etc). Label the other one Donate (items you don't wear but are in good condition). Your third pile "Keep", can go on an optional rolling rack or on the bed. 

Step 5
Tackle you accessories- organize by item for easy access and viewing.

Step 6
After reviewing clothes, ask yourself two questions. Is there is anything over 2 years old that has not been worn? Does it fit? Are you keeping something that is sentimental or evokes memories? Is it piled, stained, faded or ripped? Do you hate the way you look in it? Is it no longer your style? 

If you answered yes to any of these question you most likely should get rid of those clothes.

Here is more information about styling your closet

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October 6, 2014

Universal Tips for Accessorizing

You can have the best outfit on, but it's all in the details, and if those finishing touches are off nothing will look good. Hope these tips will help getting ready go a little smoother.

TIP 1: Make sure your outfit fits your body well. Your clothes should never be too tight or too loose. Having great fit will become your best accessory! 

TIP 2: Get fitted for a bra by a professional. A good bra changes the look of your outfit. Too many women walk around with a bra that is either too tight or too loose without realizing.

TIP 3: There is a fine line between sexy and trashy. Make sure you do not show too much skin. If you are wearing a deep plunge dress, make sure the length is not too short.

TIP 4: Your eyewear is an accessory so be careful if you're adding other accessories above the bust line.

TIP 5: Add a pop of color with neutral clothing. A handbag, scarf, or a pair of shoes will make a great fashion statement.

TIP 6: Don't forget about the jewelry, it can make the biggest statement. Long chains, cuff bracelet, brooches, big rings and big earrings will add the perfect touch if they are current in style. On the same note, if they are dated it could toss you back into an era that you might not want to be in.

TIP 7: If you are not sure if you are over accessorizing, then you probably are. Try taking off the last accessory you put on. People should admire your style not be blinded by it. Coco Chanel once said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory."

TIP 8: Last but not least, always look in a full length mirror before you leave the house and don't forget a smile could be your best accessory!

September 3, 2014

Let Me Style Your Clothes, Create a Lookbook and shopping list of must haves

Hello My Friends!

 It's here, Yes! Another season. This means it's time to freshen up our homes and rid yourself of the clutter. It is an excellent time to purge your closet of any clothes and accessories that you didn't wear all season and opening the doors to that new you. Sometimes getting rid of clothes is an emotional battle just as much as it is an organizational problem, but with my help you will be inspired.

As you head to your closet to choose today’s outfit, that familiar sinking feeling begins to settle in the pit of your stomach. By the time the door swings open you are in full-blown panic mode. The truth hurts – you have a closet jammed full of clothes but nothing to wear! I can tackle your style challenges with skill, clarity and a sharp eye for editing — saving you time, money, and wardrobe anxiety.

Revive your wardrobe.
Edit, edit, edit – more is NOT always better. We all have a tendency to accumulate clothing but only wear about 15% of the clothes in our closets. Let me help you edit your wardrobe by eliminating items that don’t enhance your looks or self-esteem.
Discover your style.
The first step towards transformation is to stop thinking something is wrong with your body and start recognizing something is wrong with your clothes. I will teach you how to choose clothing that properly fits your shape and highlights your assets.
Be the best you.
Let me help you find your authentic style. I will empower you to use style as a tool to take strategic control of your image.

Unsure of what you need to make over your style? Let's decide together. Email me to set up your free consultation. We will chat about your closet, your clothing, your body, your budget, your work-life, your casual-life and whatever else comes up. Let's get started..

First: I'll style outfits with clothes and accessories you already have, saving you money.

Second: I will let you know what looks dated and should be tossed, given away or consign.We will divide the clothing into three different categories, work, play, and special occasions.

Third: I will make suggestions on what to wear for your body type, improve your image and give you a shopping list for some must haves in your closet. Need me to shop for you or with you; I can do that within any budget! This will be a game changer treat yourself!

Last but not least: Styling Session photographs each outfit that we have created from your closet. This allows you to visualize the kind of outfit you want to wear for each day of the week or special occasion. It's your own personal  "Look Book" that I email directly to you.

This service is available in Westchester County, Putnam County, Fairfield CT and New York City

August 20, 2014

Fashion Week: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor, known for her feminine, modern, and refined cool designs, was inspired by the work of Parisian street artist Philippe Baudelocque, for her Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The use of dimensional layering of textures and patterns can be seen throughout the collection; playing with the idea of fragile work in an urban environment and the complexity of unexpected pairings of colors, techniques and fabrics.

Key styles this season include rounded coats with sheer cut-work dresses, boxy jackets and lofty sweaters, as well as tailored cropped pants. Matelassé orgaza is applied over technical mesh, as Taylor experiments with dimension, while incorporating metallic glazed jacquards and chain sequence detailing giving an overall feel of modern edge in a controlled way. The collection boasts high-shine metallic, grounded by muted shades of neutrals in shades of gray, blue, lavender and ecru, creating a scene of simplicity and streetwise chic.
On a personal note Rebecca Taylors show was one of my favorites during Fashion Week. The reason for featuring her here is because I can truly envision myself in practically every outfit. Go to to see the full show.