Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own celebrity fashion stylist!? Better yet, have her teach you all her secrets. Remember it only takes one chance to make a first impression (literally seconds). I’m here to help you nail it, every time you get dressed, at any budget, for any lifestyle.

Hi my name is Sandy Hapoienu-your new best friend! I empower women with fashion confidence, by guiding you to take strategic control of your image.

Ask yourself; is getting dressed a chore? Perhaps you never feel pulled together? Is it time to shake up my closet (and make myself a priority)(of course it is)! 

Style is about so much more than following trends and the clothes we wear– it’s about being authentic, it’s a reflection of your personal brand and even if you don’t think you have a personal brand, how you look reflects your values and impacts your business. You are a walking talking ad everytime someone sees you. Every encounter is some type of opportunity. Think about it, if you want to be known as modern or innovative but you look uber conservative. By learning my styling tips you will have fun everyday getting dressed. And the feeling of confidence that you will exude will be priceless.

 I’m a Fashion and Photo Stylist and some people call me the “Closet Whisperer”. In addition, I am an adjunct professor (award winning) at 2 colleges. I blog about fashion, tips and trends. I wrote a fashion column for a couple of different magazines for a combination of ten years (actually I still contribute now and then). I follow all the trends so that you don’t have to. My mission is to inspire Fashion Confidence. I’m taking my passion of fashion writing and teaching so that I can empower women all over the world. 

Fun Facts: I drank champagne with Oscar De La Renta when I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as a personal shopper; I went to countless fashion shows (backstage too). I love to dance my butt off when no one is watching. One of my great mentors Stacy London (TV host What Not to Wear) taught me that styling is a blend of science and art. The science is knowing which silhouettes look best balancing- the body type. The art is personalizing the science by creating harmony with color, texture and accessories. You can save time and money when you start to understand your body type and style needs. You will get dressed quickly, refine and express style. Along the way feeling more confident in your own skin. Believe me I do understand these struggles.

READY TO ROCK IT, READY TO MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY, READY TO HAVE SOME FUN! Let the excitement begin!!! I know there is an inner fashion goddess waiting to shine.

Want to know more, here is the official bio: 

    Sandy Hapoienu incorporates style and substance seamlessly in both her teaching and business. She believes in providing value for her clients and students with regards to style and industry knowledge. Sandy is an adjunct Professor at Marist College and an award winning adjunct fashion Professor at SUNY Westchester teaching styling and visual merchandising. With an extensive background in buying and merchandising, Sandy Hapoienu has a knack for knowing what’s hot and hip–from fashion to home goods and everything in between. She covers all the major shows in New York including Fashion Week and The New York Gift Show and countless other venues. Her market expertise covers fashion, beauty, home, weddings and accessories. Her savvy built the foundation for her freelance editorial and fashion stylist work. It doesn’t stop there. Sandy was also a personal stylist at SAKS Fifth Avenue N.Y.C., Bloomingdales. Sandy is certified by Stacy London and is a sought-after style and trend expert whose work has been exhibited by fashion’s biggest names. She has conducted fashion shows and styled for Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Anne Klein, Jones N.Y. and many more. Her editorial work has appeared in both national and regional publications including, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Allure, W, The WAG, Westchester Magazine, Inside Chappaqua and Impressions and Images. Not to mention she has also drank champagne with Oscar de la Renta! It’s little wonder why the press has dubbed her “Stylist Extraordinaire!” Hapoienu’s strengths lie in her intuitive ability to pull the “right stuff” together to make models, celebrities and “real people” look and feel fabulous. Sandy’s energy and professionalism knows no bounds and is fueled by love of her work.
Styling Session™ is the one-stop resource for any of your styling needs. Our specialties are closet edits, personal shopping, in-store events and fashion shows, editorial photo shoots, professional presence lectures and make overs. We focus on styling choices that reflects our clients’ personality and lifestyle. Here at Styling Session™ we are on the job from inception to completion. We are in communication with our customers at every phase, ensuring their happiness through professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

    Styling Session™ is personalized to your needs so we can start wherever you want, of course I will give you recommendations and then support you along the way. I guarantee that you will be over the moon happy with the service. In fact, you will be telling everyone you care about it.
Ready to look fabulous? 

Styling Session believes that you can have style with any budget
Styling Session believes that it’s in the details
Styling Session believes that there is nothing more important than our customers privacy
Styling Session believes that if our customers don’t look great we don’t look great
Styling Session believes in sharing our experience and tips
Styling Session believes in empowering our customers to be the best version of themselves
Styling Session believes that styling is a combination of art and science
Styling Session believes true beauty comes from confidence
Styling Session believes that getting dressed should be an adventure, not a chore.
Styling Session believes when you look better you feel better
Styling Session believes in being your authentic self
Styling Session believes that we can inspire you

Ready to hire the real deal, have fun and make yourself a priority?