April 9, 2014

No More Plastic Hangers

Tis the season for Spring cleaning and I was starting to feel like the shoemaker with no shoes (well not literally, I have a ton of shoes).
I thought that I bought enough velvet hangers to last a lifetime but mysteriously they invaded my closet again. Did they follow me back from my customers closets, haunting me for making fun of them?

Well I went on damage control, every last plastic hanger is out of the house. Now I am finally able to talk the talk, after all, I do closet edits for a living and this is my #1 piece of advice. My closets have  finally found Nirvana.

It didn't stop there, winter shoes/boots are taking a back seat. New arrangements are taking center stage, starting with peep toe summer booties, wedges, espadrilles, and sandals. They are strategically at attention waiting for there chance to dance.

I am embarrassed to admit this but in the back on a top shelf I found a pair of nude Hermes Maryjanes that I completely forgot about. There are more advantages to closet edits then I ever dreamed of.

I was determined to do this for myself, after all, if I can help everyone else why can't I put myself first today. I proceeded to my clothes. I had everything arranged by color and sleeve length but alas, my closet was a sea of black (how depressing) and Spring is coming-what to do…I proceeded to rearrange my closet this time by adding the much needed color front and center. Now it's much better suited for my new life style and will make it easier to get dressed.

There are several organizing options to choose from; the other day I styled a closet by outfits and retrospective alternatives. Giving her 100 outfits after purging tons from her closet. She has a high powered position and thinking about what to wear is not what she wanted to concentrate on in the morning.

Start by evaluating your lifestyle, are your clothes ready to go when you are? Ask yourself, are the things you are not wearing taking up valuable real estate? Chances are you have everything or almost everything you need, you just need a styling session.

Get excited to get dressed with the clothes you already have but
remember the right fit is key to having style.

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