August 4, 2014

Packing Tips

TIP 1: Take pictures of your outfits. This will help you visualize what you will be going to wear and when you you get there it will be easy to put together an outfit. 

TIP 2: Roll your clothes. This helps maximize the space in your luggage and keeps your clothes wrinkle free.

TIP 3: Keep your bathing suit in your carry on just in case your room isn't ready when you arrive at your destination. You can change at any time and enjoy your vacation the second you get there.

TIP 4: Do research prior to your vacation on sunscreens. Use preservative free and organic sunscreens. Make sure to buy these before vacation so your not in a rush and end up buying a sunscreen that is harmful. Just think about yourself baking in the sun with chemicals.

TIP 5: If you will be doing a lot of walking and your getting all dressed up for a night out you may want to put a pair of flip flops or flats in your bag so you don't get blisters from wedges or heels. 

TIP 6: If you are a list maker, make a list of everything you are bringing so you know exactly what to pack. Make sure to save this list for future vacations. This will save time and keep you stress free, in the packing stages now and for the next time. 

TIP 7: Try to stick to three colors at most, this way everything will go together and you can mix and match different pieces. 

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