October 6, 2014

Universal Tips for Accessorizing

You can have the best outfit on, but it's all in the details, and if those finishing touches are off nothing will look good. Hope these tips will help getting ready go a little smoother.

TIP 1: Make sure your outfit fits your body well. Your clothes should never be too tight or too loose. Having great fit will become your best accessory! 

TIP 2: Get fitted for a bra by a professional. A good bra changes the look of your outfit. Too many women walk around with a bra that is either too tight or too loose without realizing.

TIP 3: There is a fine line between sexy and trashy. Make sure you do not show too much skin. If you are wearing a deep plunge dress, make sure the length is not too short.

TIP 4: Your eyewear is an accessory so be careful if you're adding other accessories above the bust line.

TIP 5: Add a pop of color with neutral clothing. A handbag, scarf, or a pair of shoes will make a great fashion statement.

TIP 6: Don't forget about the jewelry, it can make the biggest statement. Long chains, cuff bracelet, brooches, big rings and big earrings will add the perfect touch if they are current in style. On the same note, if they are dated it could toss you back into an era that you might not want to be in.

TIP 7: If you are not sure if you are over accessorizing, then you probably are. Try taking off the last accessory you put on. People should admire your style not be blinded by it. Coco Chanel once said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory."

TIP 8: Last but not least, always look in a full length mirror before you leave the house and don't forget a smile could be your best accessory!

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